Platform: Web Player
Language: Javascript
Engine: Unity

I wanted to give an entertaining twist to the old stand by, the endless runner, so I thought about having hot toes at the beach. A giant's hot toes at the beach. A giant's hot toes at the beach using the blood of his enemies to cool said hot toes down.

Click and hold to stomp forward.

The front foot will automatically stomp once the opposing foot is far enough behind.

Stomp enemies to reduce "Toe Heat".

Toe Heat trickles in at a consistent rate, cool off those tootsies with the blood of your enemies!

Avoid bomb-bikes, and stomp gunners.

Bomb-bikes increase your Toe Heat when stomped, and machine-gunners increase it from afar.

Post Mortem

Which enemies spawned and their spawn rates are random, so the game would benefit from spawning schedule or maximum number of specific units on the screen at one time. When several machine gunners spawn in succession it can be impossible to survive. A run mechanic would be useful to catch the gunners faster, or a tip toe mechanic to avoid bomb bikes. I had originally intended there to be a tank boss after a set distance but didn't have the time to implement it. Of course it would be a Metal Slug!