Platform: Web Player
Language: C#
Engine: Unity

Two whales making sweet music together, what could be better?  Orca Hero is more a musical instrument than a game, and I am surprised at how good the music can get. I thought whales in space was a cool idea, and my project partner wanted to make a music game, so we got freaky and funky in that order to make an interesting experience.

Use A + D and L + " to control the orcas.

There's no score, the whales snap to each lane, and it never ends. Relax and experiment.

Hit rings and tubes to create musical notes.

Rings and tubes create a default tone, but orcas can gain powerups to change the instrument. Mix and match instruments to get funky.

Arwings fire down lane and destroy powerups.

Avoid the laser beams to prevent losing your power ups. Don't let them stop you from making sweet music.

Post Mortem

The music isn't bad if you choose not to hit every ring at appropriate times. The Arwing spawns a but too frequently and doesn't add much to the experience. Its a bit annoying. My partner and I tried to add many different ways to make sound but we had to balance giving the player a whole bunch of buttons to press and actually guiding a decent musical experience. We found that interactive music is similar to game narratives. Giving the player more agency often means a lack of a cohesive narrative, or in this case terrible sounding music.