Platform: Android
Language: Lua
Engine: Corona SDK

This was made prior to Splatoon's release, so I'm waiting on my royalties from Nintendo. It's another experience game rather than game game. My first foray with Lua and APKs. Yes the font is the Super Mario Bros font. Could be why I'm not getting those royalties.

Pick a balloon color and shake your phone to spawn balloons

Yea its annoying to shake your phone a bunch, but I want you to look like an idiot.

Tap the balloons to pop them, leaving behind a splat.

You are painting with balloons, wanna fight about it? There's also a breeze occasionally.

Beware the evil slugs, they will wipe the canvas clean.

Tap them to murder them, you murderer. And try to make art in the meantime.

Post Mortem

I'll preface this post mortem by saying I wanted to make the snails erase like a snail might with it's slime trail. However, this game was early in my years at University and I didn't know about masks.

It's hard to make decent art with this. It is nice to fool around with though. The snails are similar to Orca Hero's Arwings. A little annoying and unnecessary. The splats could be a bit more dynamic and perhaps more balloons per spawn. With some more technical know-how, this game could be much better.