Platform: Web Player
Language: C#
Engine: Unity

Spectre 4 is a networked multiplayer game with randomly generated mazes. It was a struggle to try and learn how to network without to help me. I relied on some tutorials and documentation. It works though! There has always been a large amount of lag and stuttering. It's got neat ideas and I learned a great deal about networking and procedural generation.

Left click to fire, right click to teleport.

Bullets bounce for several seconds, and kill any player, including the one who shot it. Teleport has unlimited range and is available when a player's circle is filled. Infinite ammo.

Everyone is invisible, but bullets and close proximity reveal players.

Firing bullets may help to locate enemies, but reveal the player who shot them. It can be good to lay low and wait. Be careful when and where you aim.


Up to 4 players in a single maze.

Did I mention networked?
Random maze generation?

Post Mortem

My goal with this project was to learn a lot and I certainly did. I tried dozens of different ways to lerp bullet and player movement in order to counteract the lag. While enemies stutter a bit too much to balance the gameplay, the invisibility mechanics seem like they could be an interesting addition to the multiplayer genre. It doesn't look like much but I'm very proud of Spectre 4.